Weekend getaways and packing dilemmas

I’m heading out of town for the weekend tomorrow and as per usual, I found myself completely paralyzed when packing. Do I have enough outfits? What about shoe options? Can’t pack my makeup and other skin care routine items until tomorrow morning, so a hastily scribbled note on the counter is my reminder and I’m certain to change my mind at least 2 times on what I wear in the car on the way there and back before I ultimately throw my suitcase in the car tomorrow and head out.

Leaving directly from work presents an extra special challenge as I have to dress for meetings tomorrow, but certainly don’t want to wear a suit in the car for 5 hours.

Packing. Is. Stressful.

I’ve been known to break down in the middle of it (usually some food and/or wine is needed) before I emerge on the other side.

So I resort to googling things like “what to pack for a weekend away…” and end up in a rabbit hole that is the Travel and Leisure website. Sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes it’s not.

I don’t have a shirt like that! I need to get some shoes that are cute, but functional, but then I need to break them in… 

(Don’t tell me you haven’t had these moments. And if you haven’t – please share your secrets and thank you.)

There are a few occasions that I remember packing perfectly. The right combo of outfits and shoes and it all fit in my suitcase and wasn’t too much.

But that’s rare, am I right?

I am certain that tomorrow we’ll arrive and all will be fine, but stay tuned on how many times I repack – add/subtract before I leave.

My go to items usually include: some sort of sweater/hoodie/wrap for the car/plane to and from, at least one cute/dressy but casual shirt that can be repurposed if need be, jeans, one pair of flats (black) and one pair of cute but comfortable shoes. For beauty products – something like this handy jet-set so I don’t stress out about the TSA bottles plus mascara, concealer and lip gloss. Snacks are in their own category – Larabars and beef jerky are a good car/plane snack – water is a must. Books/magazines, phone charger and music (right now I’m obsessed with Spotify’s daily mix feature –  how does it know?!).

What are your go to items for a weekend away?

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