Sunday in the city

Z & I live right near a college and as spring break just rolled around, AND St. Patrick’s Day was on a Friday – we were fully prepared to hole up in our house to avoid the madness. It seems like most of the students had already gone home for the weekend – AMAZING. Quiet Friday night in with pad thai and a movie? Yes please.

Saturday was our date day this week. We had gotten a gift card to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for Christmas from my folks, specifically, the Bruce Munro Winter Light installations. I never remember that we have such a great outdoor resource just under an hour away and even though we went specifically for this special exhibit, we’ll be back. The exhibit goes through April 9 – so if you haven’t been and are interested in light/sound/art and nature, you should definitely check it out.

As part of our evening out, we planned to go to Excelsior for dinner afterwards and on the suggestion of a few friends, Yumi’s Sushi was where we ended up. Delicious!

Today we had the opportunity to see the National Lutheran Choir and hear some Bach in a beautiful church just downtown. The concert was lovely – and I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen in a long time from my days at SMU. Funny where life takes you sometimes.

I love that we have so many great places to visit – all in our own city! Our weekend felt more like a staycation than just an ordinary weekend and I’m ready to take on the week ahead.

If you were to do a staycation in your city – what would you do?

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