My Favorite Products: Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

This time of year is always challenging – especially as we hurtle towards Daylight Savings time. My goal lately has been to get to work earlier – which is easier with more light in the morning – and always allows me to be able to work, get a run in*, get to the grocery store if I need to and somehow get dinner on the table before 8 PM.

I’m definitely one of those people that likes to be busy – I thrive on it. But sometimes that means I might not get as much sleep as I need/want. And with naturally dark circles that just refuse to go away no matter what treatment I give them (I’ve tried just about everything – every cream, concealer, mask in the book) – concealer is a must have in my makeup bag and I rarely leave the house without it.**

Enter my one of my first Beautycounter makeup purchases: the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen. It’s in my top five favorite products for sure. And it works. It’s easy to toss into your purse for those longer days (when you are needed to fill a seat at an event last minute/going out for happy hour/a board meeting/fill in the blank) for a touchup, but also stays pretty put during the day.

The click pen applicator and brush great for applying to the gentle eye area and provide good coverage and is easy to build on. Pro tip: I like to dust a little bit of a highlighter on after my moisturizer before the concealer to help it set.

Because no one likes to hear: “You look really tired today!”

Just don’t say it. Get the concealer you have stashed in your purse and share it!


  • * Or… getting back into running – which is no joke.
  • ** Let’s be real, I don’t leave the house without it.

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